The Bone Rodeo

by Yankee Longstraw

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released December 23, 2012

Yankee Longstraw is:

Andrew Krolikowski
Derek Smith
Jason Briggs
Gary O'Keefe
Michael McManus

Produced and Mixed by Gary O'Keefe
Mastered by Ray Marte
Artwork by Sami O'Keefe



all rights reserved


Yankee Longstraw

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Track Name: When the Son of a Bitch Comes Back
Lyrics by Andrew Krolikowski

Her eyes are blue like stillborn skies
they might just miscarry my mind
Like cloud-talkers keep truth confined
in two dimensions all the time
But we are not so flat, my love,
lines plateau when hearts just go.
Poised and ready to attack,
I'll be strapped
when the son of a bitch comes back.

I'm a paleontologist,
I've got a bone to pick with history.
Like all the fossilized, canonized saints
make commonplace of misery.
But we are not so flat, my love,
lines plateau when hearts just go.
Poised and ready to attack,
I'll be strapped
when the son of a bitch comes back.

...just take it all.
just keep it all, why don't you?
I can't take it with me anyway.
it's ok.

I came to town to kill you,
and I still intend to.
Track Name: 2:22
Lyrics by Jason Briggs:

Well it's 2:22 and I'm thinking of who
Can save me from myself.
Nothing short of Christ or the Man in White
Can provide me with some help.

The game is on, it's gonna be alright
Mother Mary's gonna save me from the night

Well I walked up to you and we started to screw,
Man, I was really high.
Then you knocked me down,
Right down to the ground.
I got dirt in my eyes.

It was so wrong, but it felt so right
Brother Luke is gonna save me from the night.

Well it's 2:22, and I'm thinking of you.
Well it's 4:44, and I'm drunk on the floor.
Well it's 2:22, and there's nothing to do.
Well it's 4:44, and I'm walking out the door.
Track Name: Sunshower//Sunflower
Lyrics by Andrew Krolikowski

You pack your bags and you'll leave town
A small betrayal to your folks around
if they ask where you're going why don't you tell them underground?
You left your face in the bathroom sink
You left your heart in last night's drinks
Oh I love how you'll kill yourself to make your life feel worth living.

There's a sunshower at the magic hour
Beauty even my simple eyes can see
Oh Sunflower, don't you go calling me a coward
Just keep on feeding my crippled mind your seed

Because we really are a lot alike
Some yellow plumage and a black inside
We treat our bodies like canaries in a coal mine.
I'll be the stranger on your desolate street.
I'll be the killer in your mind's backseat
Oh, whatever infamy it takes for you to remember me.

You make me feel like a kid again
You make me feel like a grown man
I'll keep singing words you just won't understand...
...But I don't think I'll ever be able to write you a love song without fucking it up.
Track Name: Once Upon a Waterloo
Lyrics by Andrew Krolikowski

Once upon a Waterloo
You gave into those drugs you do.
I could have been your pioneer,
But the sun went down too soon,
And now it's dark outside and I won't survive
If nature has Her way.
You're the townsfolk to my Frankenstein,
You burn my best mistakes.

But once upon a Waterloo
I lifted a gun an artist drew
and aimed it right towards my head and said,
"Honey...I'll be with you soon,
In the afterlife or the bar tonight
whichever one comes first.
My sober soul will drive you home,
I'll be your knight in the shining hearse.
But once upon a Waterloo,
That's when I fell in love with you.
Once upon a Waterloo is when I fell in love with you."
Track Name: Nothing's Changed
Lyrics by Gary O'Keefe

I went to war like a young man should,
Heard some stories of brotherhood
And I wonder if it shows.
They gave me an extra 4,000 miles
Between where I live and where I'll die
And I want to know where it goes

It's all that you can do to say you're free
To be yourself inside of all you see.

The understudies in the government mall
Were issuing tickets to a movie called
"The Saving of My Soul"
And I'm just standing here in the hall
Awaiting the return of it all
To a place I might know.
Track Name: Horses and Guns
Lyrics by Andrew Krolikowski

You're always talking about the wars you won
About "The Needle and the Damage Done"
You're always riding off into the sun
All sorts of horses and guns
Still waiting on a call that never comes
From an old friend to come hit my drum
Waiting on an audience to sing along
Apparently they don't know this song.

I can dance like a marionette
Strung out with a cigarette
And a butterfly net
I guess that makes us friends.

I can dance like a married man
Strung up by my curly hairs
In a butterfly net
I guess that makes us friends.

I got a dead pan face and a dead man's grace
Oh, how I'd like to meet the me you see
Who keeps you up all night, worried for my life
It's strange how you make small talk to make sure I'm still alive.
Track Name: To Brittany
Lyrics by Derek Smith and Andrew Krolikowski

Ordinary and everything's scary
I've got no money, but I've got a canary
I've got a friend she said "Don't be wary,
Your nature's impervious to debt."
It's another expression about blank expressions,
Another joke about running engines
And everyone's happy and everyone's laughing
Except the Ozone Layer

I will wait outside.
Brittany, set me right.

Ordinarily I'm the scary one,
But you're a dreamcatcher to all you're after.
All I know is my dreams came to an end
when I woke up this morning.

Meet me there tonight.
Your dreams could set me right.

There's something romantic about dead Romantics
And dreams of starving to death in a panic
And everyone's worried in love
Completely unaware of anything.
Track Name: Our History
Lyrics by Michael McManus

Keep yourself in shape and you'll go far
Have diamond rings and fancy cars
If not for yesterday, tomorrow's gone
Close your eyes, now we've begun

See nothing at all wrong
Go out the back way through the rest of the world.

Keep your motives safe, your family far
You wouldn't want them to get hurt.
I opened my ears today, what he said I heard
What makes him think I'm any better?

See nothing at all wrong
Go out the back way through the rest of the world.
The opinionated fly on the wall says you're a mess
And thinks your head's too small

When the day is over,
What have you learned?
Track Name: 4,000 Miles Later...
Lyrics by Gary O'Keefe and Andrew Krolikowski

Here I stand, as I watch you ride away
Shadows cast from the gallows pole
Like a cross on the Lord's Day

....But the Governor's gonna call

And I'll be back to remove you from your earthly chains
I know what you've done weighs heavy on your heart
So I'll give you a head start.

....But the Governor's gonna call

And I never stole nor killed and I thought I believed in good will
I never understood but you taught me good,
We all got it in us to kill

....But the Governor's gonna call

Now I ain't yet formulated no plans nor schemes
But I know by the grace of God
You'll be dead 'fore I hang from these beams

....But the Governor's gonna call

I know where a tree falls a new one may grow
We're bound to fall down and out
But maybe something purer will sprout.

....But the Governor's gonna call
....the Governor's gonna call
....the Governor's gonna call
....the Governor's gonna call
....the Governor's gonna call
....the Governor's gonna call....
Track Name: Stoned to Death
Lyrics by Andrew Krolikowski

Honey, it's a shark-bait mind,
Yeah, the junkyard kind.
Your fossil-filled attic, your cobwebbed compromise.
Put a little force in it.
Make love without consent
And watch your all knowing god avert his eyes
to the truth
that was built upon itself
that rejected anybody else.
I often wish that I had died when I was young,
that way, I'd never have to disappoint no one.

It's playing on a static screen
coming from the ghost machine.
You'll trade for good nightmares
against all your bad dreams.
No, my heroes weren't saints
but they went down anyway,
All laid down as martyrs for nothing
but martyrdom's sake.
To the fear they would succumb.
Without seeing all the things they could become.
But I still wish that I had died when i was young.
That way, I'd never have to disappoint no one.

The future turned out not so different from the past.
All the best get stoned to death.